· By Alisa Apps


For those of you who have pre-ordered my album, I want to THANK YOU and tell you that you have just become a member of a “super group”. 

While PRE-selling my highly anticipated ‘Top Of The World’ album, we are getting interest from every corner of the world, and remarkably 80 percent of all pre-orders sold are physical CD’s. It’s starting to remind me of Adele type record sales where lots of physical albums were sold. This is truly exiting. Because of the interest in, and significance of this album we will be moving the official release date a few months later, rather than January 26, 2018. The “super group” will still get their TOP OF THE WORLD digital album and/or CD sent on January 26th. So SUPER GROUP, you are being rewarded for being the supers who believed in me and put your hands in your wallet when I first announced the launch of TOTW. 

Today I closed a deal with a digital strategy company. Watch, we will have a brand-new website ready within 2 weeks. It will be set up to handle the volume of sales anticipated. There will also be stunning new t-shirts for girls and guys and snapback hats among other great things. 

Since the beginning, I always knew I was different. This way of thinking has completely pushed me to work even harder, be badass, bring you groundbreaking new music (which you will get to buy soon), and now I will be pushing the envelope even further this year with an innovation that will make MY FANS MONEY. I am so excited to announce my brand-new music and merch sales technology. The most active FANS using this unique system could be paying off their car notes every month. 

I am self-financed, self-directed and I am the only one in music who is fighting the crooked music industry and their over-hyped popstars (Knockout Popstars). I have a federal lawsuit against the largest music company in the world (Alisa Apps vs Universal Music Group) for copying my song ‘Need To Know’. It’s been tough. I’ve been a lot on my own and it hasn’t been an easy path. This is my journey. You are on a different journey. But I think this one we can come together and make history. But now get ready because together we are going to say f**k you to big business, f**k you Spotify. 

I will be filling you in on ALBUM date and My FANS MAKING MONEY details in my upcoming newsletters. But I need you to join my mailing list HERE

Together we are rewriting the rules and changing the game forever. 



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