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My Part in a Great Day For America  

January 2017 is a month I will be proud to remember for the rest of my life. I was privileged to be invited to Washington, DC for the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Many thousands came to our nation’s capital for the event, but I was lucky enough to be there by invitation of Eric Trump, the son of the President, as his special guest. As a lot of you will know I have been an active part of the Trump campaign from day 1 and I have been proud to do everything I could to help get Donald Trump elected as President of the United States. I have been out singing to so many people, and talking with them and saying why I think he is the right man to lead our great nation. It has been a long journey, but also a super exciting one. It was great seeing votes change over to Donald Trump as a result of the work I and so many others put into the campaign, that eventually led to the White House. 

Inauguration Day  

Being a special guest of Eric Trump on that amazing day meant that I had the opportunity to meet so many great people, including some of those in President Trump’s new cabinet. I was also able to renew again many of the wonderful friendships that I made working on the election campaign. This whole experience truly has been so rewarding for me, and for everyone else who worked so hard to make the Trump Presidency happen. 

After soaking up the atmosphere and excitement of the inauguration ceremony I was able to enjoy dancing the night away at the Inaugural Balls along with the President, all my friends and those who had given freely of their time and energy to make this great day possible for our country.

TV One Interview  

While I was in Washington DC the night before the Inauguration I happened to be interviewed by TV One. They asked me about the new President and I was able to tell them how excited I was to be there at this moment in our nation's history. They went on to ask me how I felt about those protesting against President Trump. This gave me a chance say how ridiculous Katy Perry and the other so-called artists are, going out there and acting like children, complaining and protesting when they should be getting behind out new President and supporting the future of America. At the close of the interview I had the chance to sing for the viewers and I gave a great impromptu performance of the National Anthem just to show everyone watching how powerful my voice is. The TV One interview available here for you to enjoy.

Meeting Jesse Watters  

Another fantastic surprise while I was in Washington DC was meeting up with Jesse Watters, the O'Reilly Factor Correspondent and Host of Watters' World on the Fox News Channel. Check out the video where I get the chance to sing for Jesse Watters, and surprise him with my big voice. See our encounter here.

It's been an amazing few days in Washington, DC seeing our new President inaugurated and enjoying how he is already getting to work and starting to make some changes that will put our great country back on the right path. 

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