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Battle Is Over But Not The Fight

Sun Tzu said “know thy self, know thy enemy.”  I wrote ‘Need to Know’ years before John Newman’s song.  I know my honed skills, and I know my unwavering discipline is what fuels me to write and perform music.  It will never stop.  My creativity will endure long after other artists wither and fade.  Universal heard my music years before they gave it to John Newman to record.  It was my song.  I wrote it.  But when they heard it, they quietly kept it, and then tried to pawn it off to a lesser artist who clearly could not make music beyond the songs given to him.  The evidence is there on YouTube for all to hear.  But, I cannot tolerate the legal battles any further.  I will not be weighted down with courtroom squabbles that never even come close to the point where a jury could hear my music side by side with Newman.  I see an even longer road filled with distraction and delays.  If Universal excels at one thing, it is prolonging legal cases.  And working with lawyers these past few years has shown me that the system is not meant for people like me to simply put my song next to Newman’s song for a jury to hear.  The system is not setup that way. So, it is with reluctance, but with clear resolve, that I will move past Universal and allow my case to close.  I cannot look to the future if I remain stuck in the past, as I have been for the last 4 years.  But, I now know my enemy, and I know their strategy.  My fight with Universal will one day be rekindled, and when it does I will use everything I’ve learned from this experience to crush them.


If you steal from Team Apps, we will find out.  And when we do, we will come after you legally and very publicly. We now have safeguards in place, and the right lawyers, so we will never stop until we win. We enjoy collaborating with other artists, and we love creating music, but if the corporations or the powers-that-be decide to ever again steal our music, we won’t care about their excuses.  We will fight them at every turn.  We exposed John Newman as a plagiarizing hack, who lacks the genuine talent Team Apps has consistently demonstrated year in and year out.  So, it’s no surprise that Newman and Universal Music Group have parted ways. Because of our lawsuit and everything we have done to expose Newman, we join a growing number of artists who won’t tolerate theft of our work.  It is unmistakable that Newman’s song "Love Me Again" copied much of Alisa Apps' song "Need To Know", which was written years earlier.  Check out our side-by-side comparisons and street interviews on YouTube to hear for yourself. We have, and will continue to have, a great relationship with the fans and with the people, and we will keep Rising. UMG tried to pacify Alisa Apps before, but they failed; and now John Newman is out for good.  The fight will continue. Alisa Apps & Team Apps