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My New Challenge 
I have released a new challenge video that is sure to generate interest in the music industry. In the challenge video posted on my Facebook page, I say: 
 “I'm going up against the biggest stars in the world and I'm challenging them to a boxing match and a sing-off” 
I've opened this challenge to any of the top ten musical stars across the world. I'm is offering them the chance to take me on and try to beat me in a one-on-one concert challenge. 
I invite anyone anyone from Sony, Universal or Warner who thinks they could do better to the stage. I am the best artist in music and the best artist in the world and would welcome any singing or boxing challenges to be proven wrong. 
I'm taking on the commercial, manufactured sound of the music industry, and offer people an alternative, that is real, genuine, and actually means something. As I say in the challenge video “my music's for people who want something”.


Talking to Steel Notes 
Take a look at the latest edition of Steel Notes Magazine. There's a great picture on the front of me as this months cover story, the face of new punk. Inside the magazine you will find an in-depth interview with me, where I talk to Scott Saxon about why I write all my own songs and my plans to turn around the US music scene. I reveal my personal mission statement and talk about my latest CD release Top of the World, as well as my plans for the future, and what people can expect from me next. 


More endorsements for my music 
Eric Trump may be best known for his business acumen, but his taste music is just as sharp. He has joined the growing ranks of people to publicly endorse  me and my quest to put American music back on top of the world. In addition to Eric, I've been endorsed by some of the top fighters in the world today. These include Floyd Mayweather Sr., Manny Pacquiao, Roy Jones Jr, Zab Judah. All of them have come to appreciate not just for my fighting skills, but also my incredible voice and musical talent. 

Don't Forget Your T-Shirt 
Have you stocked up on your official Alisa Apps merchandise yet? If you haven't managed to pick up a copy of Victory Lap or a great looking Alisa t-shirt or tank top yet then head straight over to my website and choose your favorite design. Tops come in both black and white, and all sizes are available so there is no reason to miss out.


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