· By Alisa Apps


Published November 2015

Where do we see Americans making great mainstream music today?  We don't.  It doesn’t happen anymore! 

The music business in America is in the worst state it’s ever been. We don't have virtuosos anymore. This country used to be known for its incredible talent; but no-one could say that today. How long has it been since you heard an individual with a really unique voice fighting for what they believe in and singing their own songs? You don't hear it because the music business has become a synthetic wasteland for free music. 
The popular singers we hear today all have a factory of generic songwriting teams behind them. These singers don’t write their own music, or sing about what they believe. They are told what to do and say by the labels and don’t dare take risks or fight for anything. 
I'm different! I work night and day to fight for what I believe in, and to get the message out there that there is an alternative. 
When the music industry releases a song, it is always a political decision. They don't put out the most amazing songs. Instead of working with real singers they prefer to give us muppets who have no real talent, but who can be controlled. It suits the music industry to have stars who are using Auto-Tune, lip syncing live, and pretending to be badass. This approach opens up a huge musical void in the lives of the American people. We are hearing the wrong singers. They’re not giving us the greats - the artists who really have something worthwhile to say….this has got to change fast! 
The music establishment is churning out a succession of inadequate singers producing so many bland, substandard songs. I'm in a constant fight with them because they’re all fake, with no real content. The situation is now getting even worse. DJs, with zero talent are taking over music. Record labels spend many millions of dollars creating music, and the singers are saying nothing. Therefore, the American people are getting nothing from their music. It’s a scandal that needs to be stopped.  
I've been meeting with people; thousands of people from all across the world, and everywhere the message is the same. They say they are sick of the fake music. Every time a song comes out, it’s targeted at thirteen year olds and it is worthless. I have hundreds of videos showing me meeting people everywhere. 100% of the people I ask want Alisa Apps. And they want her now. 

We have a tragedy called “Superficial America” – a big part of this problem is the music establishment. I have an album that's ready and paid for and this music will really send a message to those people.  
I see singers on TV.  They don't know how to perform live. They don’t have a clue. Their career is all about the clothes or hair…it's the image that counts, not the music. Often they are not even really singing. It’s all fake. I watch these people pretending to sing and hear the music industry’s saying everything is great and everything is going to be alright. It's not true! People are starting to wake up and realize that there is fraud  going on. Get this fake music off the radio. I can’t stand it. Give me something real! We don't need little fake singers. I want really great music! 
Sadly, it's about to get even more depressing.  Adele is going to roll out 2016, and I predict it will be a lackluster catastrophe.  She is using the same producers and songwriters as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and all the others. She won't ever make real music with them. She doesn't have a choice — she is totally governed by the music industry, and now, by the generic producers who never produce anything real. 
We have to stop this. It's time to replace the leeches who are sucking money from the flailing music industry just to pad their own wallets. They don’t care about music. They don’t care about lyrics. They certainly don’t care about YOU!  In fact, they have no idea about music at all! They are corporate guys from Snapple, and from Hawaiian Telcom. They really haven’t got a clue about music. What are they doing in those roles? They need to get the boot NOW! 
What the music industry needs today is an absolutely incredible singer and songwriter. We need a fighter who has written her own world-class album. A lead singer who can perform live and talk to the people, because these people have been abandoned for too long.  
Above all, we require a PIONEER…a great innovator.  We must have someone who can Get Music Real! Someone who can give us the music we deserve in an exciting new way.  
Ultimately, I would make certain moves that others are not. I would immediately weed out the tragedy of lip-syncing. This practice sucks the heart out of a live performance. I would put out great songs —   music that reflects what you feel inside. I call it “The New Punk” because punk means thinking for yourself. The music we are hearing now has nothing to do with the people anymore. We need someone original and no one sings and writes more original and powerful songs than Alisa Apps. I promise! I’ll produce these songs at such a low cost. I'll make the record labels dump their puffed up inadequate singers like Justin Bieber. I will stop the same five generic producers from controlling the music charts and the music industry. 

 Listen to me! No-one would be stronger on these fools than Alisa Apps. Nobody else would dare to — only me, the fighter. I will stop the practice of the same five producers writing all of America’s songs. We shouldn't be hiring a person like Max Martin to ghostwrite songs. A guy that has no clue at all about what the American people want. He is 44, rich, Swedish and pushing out songs (like a factory) writing about little girly break ups. It’s actually very creepy. We don’t want this queer guy writing for every singer on the radio. I will never let him write my songs. All the people everywhere know, that Alisa Apps writes ALL of her own songs. No ghostwriter. No mega songwriting teams. Alisa does it. That’s right. I do. And it’s all financed by me too. I'm using all my own money.   
So, I am announcing to you that I am the one who is officially challenging these inadequate and highly overrated singers. We are going to Get Music Real Again. I will be the best fighting lead singer-songwriter the world has ever seen, and if favored, I will be Music’s Undisputed #1 Attraction. 
Musical chumps have to go. It's time the people understood the game that is being played. People are tired of puffed-up singers and of being ripped off. They want a real leader – a real lead singer. No more pretenders! 

I'm really proud of myself.  I'm good because I did it the honest way – with single-mindedness and hard work; and I'm going against all these people who are morally corrupt. 
What you have seen over the past few years is very mediocre.  Unfortunately, American music has hit rock bottom. But if I’m favored, I will challenge and change the system – I will get American music back on track – louder, smarter and more aggressive than ever. 
Together we will Get American Music Kicking Ass and Real! 
Thank you,  
Alisa Apps


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