Hello there, I’m Alisa Apps, an American-born professional singer, songwriter, and boxer. Widely referred to as “The Queenpin”.

These are the times I have been excited for. We don’t need a major record label. We don’t need a music manager. We don’t need these corporate guys who take a huge blood-sucking percentage of our hard-earned money. It’s a new world now.

I’ve been living and singing live in Las Vegas for seven years – singing to over a half a million people. I write my own songs. I produced my own world-class album: ‘Top Of The World’, and I design all of my own merchandise. I’m also the creator of the million-dollar sing-off challenge to Lady Gaga, as well as the social media movement: Fighting Popstars. I continue to call-out major label singers to a boxing fight and sing-off on the same night. That is my entrepreneurial goal. But they’ve been running. So, this past year, in 2021, I made my professional boxing debut in Medellin, Colombia.

I’ve also been fighting the record label Universal Music Group for years. Last year, the CEO of UMG Lucian Grainge was paid over $200 million – which is more than the total income of all UK songwriters & composers combined. That’s f***ed up. But who’s going to say anything about it? No one. Not Taylor Swift, not Lady Gaga, because he owns them. He owns everyone on the roster. Taylor Swift, I dare you to go call Lucian Grainge. Get in his office tomorrow and say, “Lucian, this is disgusting you are making all this money and the songwriters are not making anything”. But these singers won’t say anything, because if they say something to Lucian, they’ll be put out to pasture. That’s why no one wants to be in music anymore. Because of corporate greed and record label executives taking all the money.

Streaming is no different. The artists make pennies, while the record labels continue to hoard profits. In fact, both Universal Music and Sony Music are major shareholders in Spotify. Billboard Magazine reported UMG’s stock could be worth $2B alone. If I were Spotify’s CEO, why would any music outside of these companies get pushed in rotation?

So, I’ve got a new way, through boxing. I started this – calling out the singers to fight and sing-off. Its proven itself. It’s not a risk anymore. Entertainers are getting in the boxing ring and fighting professional fights.

I’d rather spark a revolution than be famous. But maybe I will become the most famous by making a big change the music game, the Alisa Apps way. In my own lane. Wait and see what we achieve.

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