· By Alisa Apps

Clarity During Covid


Being at home through Covid this year gave me a chance to really look at my life, it made me really appreciate being an Independent singer-songwriter, fighter and entrepreneur. Being told what to do by the government didn't sit well with me. It made me really happy that this is not how I have to live, because when it's all over I will be doing my own thing. But others in music will still be being told what to do, what to sing and say. That's no way to live for me, and staying silent through Covid gave a rare chance to reflect on my life; and then make the adjustments mentally and physically I needed to do to get better. 

I have achieved many of my goals, but not enough. Once I achieve my next ones which involve professional fights and cash cow sales goals, I'm going to get even (big time) and do a number on some people who have screwed me over and stolen from me. And I'm going to have so much fun doing it.  

Since everyone tells me the 'Top Of The World' album is the best, I'm going to get up and work harder, so I get as many people as I can to hear it. So many people say how my music and fighting has changed their lives - this makes me appreciate even more what I am doing.  Every day when I'm rehearsing I think about all these compliments I get. They are just so sensational.

For instance, I was told by Golf Magazine's Top 50 golf instructor Rick McCord after hearing me sing, "You are going to be huge success doing it your own way. It may take a lot longer, but the cream always rises to the top."

So you know what, we shot a TV commercial to promote 'Top Of The World'.  I am convinced if I maintain a rigorous work ethic there will be blockbuster sales for us.

So get ready, because you know we have to sell this album. It's bread for strength - it literally makes you want to get up and do something. 

So this is just the beginning!  

Stay tuned for the TV Commercial & get the sensational 'Top of The World' album Download here: 


TOP OF THE WORLD signed album


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